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This is where we get together to share our lives and memories. The links to the left will take you back into the past, or to present day addresses. Linking through the names below will take you to our individual yearbook pictures and current information pages. Names marked with an asterisk contain information or pictures beyond the yearbook.

We suggest that you bookmark this page as a favorite, in your browser, allowing you to avoid going through the check-in procedure next time you visit. New stories, pictures and information are welcomed and encouraged. Send them to Historian.
This page was last updated on August 11, 2010
Dale Abeling
Gary Adams
Grace Alexander Bala
James Barnes
* Patricia Beach Sebastian
Raymond Bentz
Edna Bergloff Farber
Ann Billings Baggett
* Myrtle Bouck Hight
Alain Pierre Briand
Gale Brown Seibert
* Brian Brunette
Sandra Bugal Bunch
Lois Bush Mink
* Veronica Caffrey Pullyblank
Janet Carr Robertson
* Nellamae Clark Harter
* Marie Conley Denison
Lawrence Conover
* Donna Coriale Clapper
Jeanette Currier Armstrong
* Sandra Curtis Crump
Maureen Daly Antwerp
Sandra Danforth Ebner
* Ronald Dawson
Sally Day Bogardus
Joanne Denapole Kibby
* Gordon Disotelle
* Sally Donahue Cook
* Howard Dunning
Ellen Eastwood Lamphier
Jessie Eberle Sheppard
Dawn Emden Hosney
Robert Fager
Nancy Ferguson Brunner

* Janet Fitzgibbons Ladd
George Frank
* Ellen Gird Knapp
* Patricia Googin Kellog
Elbert Goss
Victor Hall
* Richard Hegeman
* Elisabeth Hitchcock DelGrego
* Jeffrey Hopkins
* James Huffman
* Judith Hughes Stone
Alice Ingraham
Richard Kerr
* Diane King Fike
Robert King
* Janet Kirkland
Mary Lou Leach Hebert
Rodney Lennox
* David Letts
Roberta Long Hall
Nancy Louie Grumboski
Joanne Manno Marks
Joseph Manore
* Donna March Steele
* Leo McCoy
Carl Miller
Wayne Monteau
* Michael Morris
Elaine Myers
* Charles Nile
* Ann Palmer Vivacqua
* Karen Parker Abrams
* Frances Pavliga Zwickibauer
* Jean Pelko Wheeler

* Patricia Petersen Soukup
Joanne Phillips Colbert
* Robert Phillips
Gertrude Polley Shaw
Lee Ellen Purple Bent
Gerald Reape
* James Remis
* Mary Jane Remmell Haley
Sydney Renshaw
Charles Riesel
* Marguerite Rowland Tulloch
*Benjamin Russell
* Rose Ruzala Williams
John Sanderson
* William Schaepe
Folsom Selwood
Thomas Shepard
* George Sitts
* James Smith
Joan Smith Hall
William Sohacki
James Sorenson
Frances Spatol Turner
Janice Staley Redmann
Charlotte Stefanishyn LaPorte
Joyce Terpening Thresher
Charles Thomas
Elizabeth Turest
Barbara Tuttle
* Judith VanDelinder Slater
Peggy Whalen Goucher
* Robert Williams
* Carolyn Wood Birr
Diane Yavornitzki Stubley

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