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The Ilion High School Class of 1957 fiftieth year reunion was held the weekend of October 5, 6 and 7, 2007.

The weekend began with an informal gathering Friday evening at the Ilion Knights of Columbus (“K of C”) building on West Street in Ilion. The gathering was scheduled to begin at 8PM however alumni began arriving by 7 and the gathering stayed alive until midnight, despite the advancing age of the classmates. Excellent hors d’ouvres and cake were provided by the Reunion Committee. A sufficient amount of alcohol was consumed through the evening to keep the party lively.

A tour of the high school on Saturday was lightly attended; only four of us showed up. That school sure has changed since we roamed its halls.

At 1 o’clock on Saturday about 15 of us took the Historic Erie Canal Cruise, a 90 minute cruise that departed from near the Herkimer Thruway entrance. The ship cruised east, through Lock 18 and back. Many of us tarried at the restaurant-bar nearby for the remainder of the afternoon, pausing at 4 o’clock for a minute of silence while we remembered our ill and departed classmates.

The atmosphere all weekend was somewhat subdued due to the recent deaths of three classmates, Rod Lennox, Ben Russell and Judy VanDelinder Slater, by the depth of Gordon Disotelle’s dementia and by the knowledge that three other classmates are coping with serious health issues. Thus at 4 o’clock on Saturday there was a Mass for Departed and Ill Classmates at the Ilion Annunciation Church. The event was lightly attended but a moving experience for those present.

Saturday evening we changed into our fancy clothes and gathered once again at the K of C for cocktails and dinner. There were many remarks about how healthy and young and good we looked, always hoping for a similar return compliment. Again the party lasted late into the evening.

Sunday morning it was back to the K of C. We straggled in about 10 o’clock for brunch and to say our good-byes, exchange addresses and pledge to stay in touch and to be at the next one, God willing.

Reunion Notes from Donna March Steele:

"The Reunion Committee members were:
Marie Conley Denison,
Pat Googin Kellogg,
Jim Remis,
Jim Sorenson,
Donna March Steele and
Judy VanDelinder Slater. 

Judy made all but about the last three meetings. Her family wanted us to know how much she looked forward to our reunion meetings and being a part of it. 

Joe Manore also joined us toward the end of our planning stages. 

The classmates who attended the reunion were: 
Judie Hughes Stone,
Victor Hall and Roberta Long Hall,
Janet Carr Robertson,
Carolyn Wood Birr,
Marguerite Rowland Tulloch,
Bill Schaepe,
Gertrude Polley Shaw,
David Letts,
Jim Sorenson,
Fran Pavliga Zwicklebauer,
Ellen Gird,
Jim Remis,
Pat Googin Kellogg,
Marie Conley Denison,
Elisabeth Hitchcock DelGrego,
Joe Manore,
Sandra Curtis Crump,
Jim Smith,
Charles Thomas,
Myrtle Bouck,
Janet Fitzgibbons Ladd,
Chuck Nile,
Pat Beach Sebastian,
Frances Spatol Turner,
Jeff Hopkins,
Grace Alexander Bala (Fri. only),
Vonnie Caffrey Pullyblank,
Joe Fortuna,
John Sanderson,
Mary Jane Remmell Haley,
Ray Bentz (Fri. only),
Diane King Fikes,
Janice Staley Rudmann,
Sally Donahue Cook,
Joanne Phillips Colbert,
Donna March Steele,
Charles Riesel,
Donna Coriale Clapper,
Ellen Eastwood Arnold,
Leo McCoy,
Diane Yavorninski Stubley,
Hiker Dunning (Fri. only),
Anne Palmer Vivacqua (Fri and Sunday) and
George Sitts.

There was sad news about Gordy Disotelle.  He's had symptoms of Alzheimer's for about 10  years, but really deteriorated the last few years.  He's in Folts Home in Herkimer and he mostly doesn't know anyone.  Florence (his wife) says sometimes she thinks he'll recognize her, but usually calls her by a different name.  For some reason he's done a lot of falling, so they have him wear a helmet. 

  We had a great time working on the reunion, so great, that we're going to get together before the holidays just to catch up.  Also at our final meeting the week after the reunion we decided we will try an informal, one night class get-together next Fall (2008).  Any suggestions would be welcome."

Donna (10/23/07)


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