Class History

(Class History as recorded in our yearbook, The Mirror '57)

Nineteen Fifty-Seven, the year we were to graduate, seemed far away to us in 1953 when we entered Ilion High School as a bewildered and excited freshmen class.

The year started out with the election of homeroom presidents to represent us in the senate. Hiker Dunning was elected president of 29, Jim Barnes of 24 and Jim Sorenson of 36.

The year sped by quickly and soon Class Games appeared on the school calendar. The cheerleaders- were: Vonnie Caffrey, Sandy Danforth, Sally Donahue, Janet Fitzgibbons, Chic Hitchcock, Mary Lou Leach, Fran Pavliga, Jean Pelko and Judy Van Delinder. The games proved highly exciting as we lost by a small margin to the sophs.

We began our sophomore year by electing Ben Russell class president; Janet Kirkland, vice-president; Carolyn Wood, secretary; and Fran Pavliga., treasurer. Mr. Leo Grygiel and Mrs. Flora Bean were chosen as class advisors. Money making projects were checking coats at basketball games and a rummage sale which helped us start our treasury.

Class Games saw the "Sleepy Sophs' defeat the frosh and these girls cheered the players on: Marie Conley, Sandy Danforth, Mary Lou Leach, Janet Fitzgibbons , Sally Donahue, Nancy Louie, Fran Pavliga, Jean Pelko and Lee Purple.

Junior year started off with the election of class officers. Ben Russell was elected president for the second time and his slate of officers were Lee Purple, vice-president; Mary Lou Leach, secretary; and Jim Barnes, treasurer. A magazine drive was the first money making project that we attempted. Vonnie Caffrey was chairman and this sale put over $630 in our treasury.

The highlight of the year was the Christmas Ball with Jim Remis and Rodney Lennox as co-chairmen. "Blue Heaven" was our heaven on earth as the ten foot angel with golden hair graced the center of the dance floor. Pat Stilwell was crowned queen.

The worst snowfall of the year was the setting for the night of the Class Games. Only a small crowd appeared in the gym as the senior "Savages" scalped the junior "Leprechauns." J. V. cheerleaders were Sandy Danforth, Sally Donahue, Janet Fitzgibbons, Fran Pavliga, Jean Pelko, and Lee Purple.

Later in the year, Vonnie Caffrey, Rod Lennox, Fran Pavliga, Lee Purple, Ben Russell and Janice Staley were accepted into the National Honor Society. That summer local Ilion organizations sent Ben Russell, Wayne Monteau, Rod Lennox and Folsom Selwood to Boy's State. This visit lasted one week at Colgate University.

As our last year began we looked back and remembered all the new classmates that we have gained through the years: Lois Bush, Donna Coriale, Alice Ingraham, Carl Milter, JoAnne Manno and Lee Purple. Now we look upon those who have left and we were sorry to see them leave; George Bracken, Nella Mae Clark, Joe Fortuna, Lynn Luther and Jim Remis.

As Seniors we elected Rod Lennox as president, Folsom Selwood as vice-president, Janet Kirkland as secretary and Sally Donahue as treasurer. Selling Coke at basketball games and dances, a "Mystery Disc-Jockey Dance" and a "Twirp Dance" added money to our treasury during the first half of the year. ` George Frank, Janet Kirkland, Charlotte Stefanishyn, Mary Lou Leach, George Sitts and Jim Barnes demonstrated their dramatic ability in "Noble David" a Tri-City Play presentation in November 1956.

The football team became champions for the first time since 1952. Captained by Brian Brunette and Bob Phillips, the team had a record of 7-I which led them to a co-championship with Oneonta. Lettermen were Dale Abeling, Brian Brunette, Ron Dawson, Hiker Dunning, Dick Kerr, Dave Letts, Wayne Monteau and Bob Phillips. Another honor for our class was the election of Ben Russell, Brian Brunette, Dave Letts and Bob Phillips to the Iroquois League All Star Team.

Brian Brunette was elected to co-captain the varsity basketball squad and these seniors were on the team: Gordie Disotelle, Hiker Dunning, George Frank, Dick Hegeman and Ben Russell.

Sally Donahue was chosen "Snow Queen" of the Junior Ball "Fantasy in Snow" in December 1956. Donna Coriale and Marie Conley were her attendants. The J.V. cheerleaders added Nancy Louie to comprise the varsity cheering squad. The senior class elected Joanne Phillips as a contestant in the DAR Good Citizenship Contest.

Janet Kirkland and George Frank were student directors of the Senior Class Play "Love is in the Air." Cast included Wayne Monteau, Sandy Curtis, Dale Abeling, Ron Dawson, Vonnie Caffrey, Rod Lennox, Carolyn Wood, Jerry Reape, Charlotte Stefanishyn, Judie Hughes, Dick Kerr, Pat Googin, Barb Tuttle and Ellen Gird.

Donna Coriale served as chairman of the fashion show that we held in March. Students, faculty members and people outside school modeled. Chic Hitchcock: was chairman of the spaghetti supper, February I3, which also added a large sum to our treasury.

The seniors came up with some snappy ideas for Class Games which were held in.late winter. Everyone who attended yelled his lungs out and generally had a good time. Ray Bentz, Hiker Dunning and Janet Kirkland were chosen to be the co-chairman of the Senior Prom June 21. Also in the future we see the Class Picnic, baccalaureate service and graduation.

As we graduate, we have all chosen the corner of the world where we will make our mark. Many incidents mark our life in high school. We remember the exciting times the best. It's the crazy, zany episodes of our student days which stand out. They will grow with intensity as we grow older, along with the . . . personalities . . classmates . . honors . . . activities . . social life . . and athletics that was a part of our life in the "Halls of Ivy."
-J.K. (Janet Kirkland)

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