Class E-Mail Addresses

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These E-mail addresses were updated January 20, 2010.
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George Bracken <>
Veronica Caffrey Pullyblank <>
Janet Carr Robertson <>
Donna Coreale Clapper <>
Marie Conely Dennison <>
Jeannette Currier Harding Armstrong <>
Sandra Curtis Crump <>
Ronald Dawson <>
Sally Donahue Cook <>
Ellen Eastwood Arnold <>
Janet Fitzgibbons Ladd<>
Ellen Gird Knapp <>
Patricia Googin Kellogg <>
Richard Hegeman <>
Elisabeth Hitchcock DelGrego <>
Jeff Hopkins <>
James Huffman <>
David Letts <>
Lynn Luther <>
Leo McCoy <>
Charles Nile <>
Fran Pavliga Zwicklbauer <>
Jean Pelko Wheeler <>
Joanne Phillips Colbert <>
Lee Purple Bent <>
Jim Remis <>
William Schaepe <>
George Sitts <>
Jim Sorenson <>
Frances Spatol Turner <>
Janice Staley Rudmann <>
Linda Swartfiguer Miller <>
Charles Thomas <>
Peggy Whalen Goucher <>
Carolyn Wood Birr <>


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